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Commission an Original Oil Painting

Have you ever wondered how a professionally painted oil painting will add an air of class and elegance to the drab-looking wall of your home? With Artisseum, you can even commission an original custom oil painting at a fraction of  the cost that most art galleries charge.

Portrait Oil Painting

Would you like to give your spouse the ultimate, romantic gift for your anniversary? A custom wedding portrait oil painting created by our professional artists based on your favourite wedding photo will definitely surprise your other half and blow him or her away.

Custom Wedding portrait oil painting

Original Oil Painting for Sale

If you are thinking of getting an original oil painting for your newly renovated home or office, you have come to the right place.

Artisseum is both and online and offline art gallery. Although we have our sales office in Singapore, we take international orders too. We ship worldwide to more than 33 countries including the United Kingdom and USA.

Commissioning an oil painting (especially for custom oil painting) doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg. At Artisseum, you will find that the prices of a beautifully painted large oil painting will only cost you a fraction of what other art galleries will charge you for.

Now you can own a beautiful gallery-grade oil painting at a fraction of the price that other art galleries will charge you.

If you have ever visited an art gallery with the intention of buying an oil painting, you will notice that the prices of an original art piece can easily cost you a few thousand dollars.

I still remember the day I went to visit art galleries with the intention of buying an oil painting for my newly renovated condominium. But anticipation quickly turned into disappointment as I discovered the exorbitant price tags for the oil paintings that I liked. That was a particular painting that I liked. Even though it is a small painting of 50cm x 50cm, it still costs $3400! Mind you, that’s not even painted by a famous artist!

This was simply too much for me, considering that I had already spent a lot of money for my home renovation. All I wanted was a simple affordable painting to hang on my living room wall.

 That episode let me to do my own research as to why art (in particular) oil paintings cost so much and how I can get authentic hand-painted oil paintings by artists at an affordable price. Eventually, I found the answer.

  • Cut the middleman.
  • Get the painting directly from up-and-coming artists who are really good at their craft
  • Reduce rental cost by having online gallery (this really helps to drive down the cost of a painting)

By working directly with these talented artists and cutting out the middleman (who would be paying the artists peanuts anyway), I can make it possible for ordinary people like me to own an oil painting at affordable prices and, at the same time, help the artists. Its a win-win situation.

I also began to help the artists market their works.

 Although the artists are not as famous, their paintings are really good and some of their paintings are just as good (if not better) as those sold in reputable art gallery.

That’s how the idea of forming our very own art galley came about!


Portrait Oil Painting

A client commissioned us to paint a portrait of her husband which she intended to give to him as a surprise birthday gift.

Street Scene Oil Painting

An impressionistic street scene in oil painting. This style of oil painting is popular and is often found along corridors of showrooms and hotels.

Nature Oil Painting

Realistic oil paintings of nature like forest and trees are pleasing to the eyes and give a whiff of tranquility and peace when hung on the walls of your home 

Knife Palette Oil Painting

See and feel the texture of the gold leaf petals in this abstract oil painting of flowers using knife palette technique.

Human Figure Oil Painting

Human figure oil painting is another popular type of paintings to adorn corporate walls and showrooms. It takes a skilled artist to depict the human figures using just a few strokes of the brush.

Introducing Artisseum

At Artisseum, we offer professionally hand-painted oil paintings in many genre. In fact, our strength is in creating custom oil paintings. Custom oil paintings are great as they are truly personalized and unique. We can customize an oil painting from a photo. Tell us what you need, and our artists will create it for you! If you do not have a photo of the painting that you like, you can choose from our in-stock oil paintings. Simply choose from our catalogue. We update our catalogue of oil paintings regularly, so be sure to ask for a copy by filling up the contact form here.


Oil Painting Services.

Oil paintings have been around for centuries, and people are still creating and buying them today. We have a variety of them to offer you.

We can commission many different types of oil painting. But our most commonly requested types of oil paintings fall into 3 categories: 

  • Portrait Oil Painting
  • Custom Oil Painting
  • In-stock Oil Painting


Portrait Oil Paintings

Portrait oil paintings have been a staple of history since the beginning of oil painting itself. A quick Google search can show you an infinite number of presidents and leaders who have had portraits done of them. They hang in historical buildings, European museums, and government offices. The importance of them is endless. Whether you want one of yourself, a significant person in your life, or someone you admire, a portrait oil painting could be the perfect addition to your home.


Custom Oil Paintings

If you don’t want a portrait of a person, there’s no need to worry. We can also customize an oil painting of whatever you want. This could include your family pet, a blooming flower, a sunset, or anything else you can think of. If you provide an idea for us, we can paint it! The best part of this is that when guests admire the artwork on your walls and want to know where they can purchase it, you can tell them it’s custom. You can live with the pleasure of knowing that nobody in the world has an oil painting like yours.

Oil Paintings In Stock

You don’t need to have an idea for an oil painting in order for your needs to be fulfilled, though. If you’re not the creative type or if you don’t have anything specific in mind, you can opt to purchase one of our wholesale oil paintings. We have a variety of options in stock for you to choose from. Take some time, browse our collection of hand-painted pieces, and see what might fit your needs the best.


Click on the images or the links below to see more samples of the different types of oil paintings we have.

Portrait Oil Painting

Turn your favourite family photo or wedding photo into a professional hand-painted oil painting. A portrait oil painting is excellent as an exquisite gift for your spouse on his/her birthday. We can combine several photos into one painting or do a painting montage if you need.  

Custom Oil Painting

If you have a like a particular photo, and would like to turn it into a painting, simply ask for a custom oil painting. You can even change some elements of the photo like changing background, removing objects or even changing colour. We can even convert a photo into an impressionistic or abstract oil painting.

Oil Painting In-Stock

Choose from the paintings that we have available in our gallery. Our in-stock oil paintings are available in many different styles and cover a wide subject range. Free free to choose from our latest catalogue. The advantage is you do not need to wait for 3 weeks for the painting to be completed.

Jesus Christ Painting

Want to get yourself a Christian artwork that signifies your devotion? Check out our collection of Jesus Christ Oil Paintings here.

Famous Paintings Reproductions

If you like to own a piece of famous oil painitng like the famous Mona Lisa by Lenardo da Vinvi or Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, you can check out our reproduction of famous paintings.

Custom Abstract Oil Painting

Abstract Oil Painting has a tendency to stand out from the crowd, for it presents viewers with visions that they’re not used to seeing. Click the button below to see the many different kinds of abstract art pieces that we have. You’ll be amazed!

Landscape Oil Painting

Want to get yourself a Christian artwork that signifies your devotion? Check out our collection of Jesus Christ Oil Paintings here.

Famous Paintings Reproductions

If you like to own a piece of famous oil painitng like the famous Mona Lisa by Lenardo da Vinvi or Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, you can check out our reproduction of famous paintings.

Custom Abstract Oil Painting

Abstract Oil Painting has a tendency to stand out from the crowd, for it presents viewers with visions that they’re not used to seeing. Click the button below to see the many different kinds of abstract art pieces that we have. You’ll be amazed!

What Artisseum can do for you…

  • 100% hand-painted oil painting by our professional artists. Beautiful design museum grade quality oil paintings for you. Our skilled artists have more than 5 years of full-time experience
  •  Custom order are welcomed. You can request for any design and size. You can choose to have the painting delivered with or without frame.
  • Convert your favourite photos to  beautiful oil painting.
  • Many different paintings to choose from. You can request for a  custom design to an exisiting panting like changing colur or additng or removing something in the original painting without extra cost.
  • Free art consultation. For example, i photo of your living room, we will ask our digital artist to put up the painting on the wall for you to have an idea.
  • Worldwide shipping available.

Our oil paintings are suitable for decorating hotels, restauramts, cafes, halls, living rooms, office, reception areas and are the perfect gift for someone who is important to you.

7 reasons why you should choose Artisseum to buy your oil painting


1.  Affordable prices for oil paintings compared to other art galleries.

     Be prepared to save at least 50% off the prices of our oil paintings compared to other galleries if you buy an oil painting from us. For instance, a large size oil painting of 100cm X 100cm will only cost you a few hundred dollars at Artisseum but the same piece of oil painting can easily cost you a few thousand dollars from other galleries. 

2.  You can Customize any paintings you like

      Most art galleries do not allow you to custom make an art piece. But at Artisseum, if you have a painting or photo that you like very much, you can request for a custom oil painting from us according to your preference. Simply send us a photo and some simple explanations of what you would like us to create, and our artist will help you paint the artpiece accordingly

3.  Fast delivery for custom oil painting

We typically can deliver your paintings within 3-4 weeks for custom oil paintings. There are instances where we have delivered a portrait  oil painting in less than 2 weeks for clients who need the painting urgently.

4. Free art consultation

If you are unsure what type of colour, size or type of oil painting is suitable for your home or office, you can ask our art consultant for advice on how to choose the right painting to suit you. It’s all because we understand some customers need help to choose the best painting. After all, an oil painting is there to add elegance and complement the walls on which it is hung and is an art-form that is meant to enjoy in the ambiance of the room.

5. Free Photoshop editing service

If you are not would like to see how the wall will look like with a painting even before you make the purchase, you can send us a photo of the wall together with the painting that  you want, and our digital artist can help you superimpose the painting onto the wall. 

6. Discount for multiple purchase

If you like a few paintings, be sure to let us know and we can offer you a discount for bundle purchase.


7. High quality painting reproduction from photo

This is the part that we are very proud of. You can be sure that the quality of the painting will be high quality as it is painted by professional artists. When you order an oil painting from us, we will be working closely with you and the artist to make sure that your requirements are communicated to the artist clearly and that the artist understands what you want. We provide regular feedback if needed. Even before we ship the painting, we will send you a photo of the oil painting so that you can request for modifications until you are pleased with the final painting. 


Custom Wedding portrait oil painting

Wedding Portrait Oil Painting

We created a wedding portrait oil painting from a photo of a bride against a sunset at the beach.

Woman Portrait Oil Painting

3-piece woman portrait oil painting in modern style. The paintings were hung in the living room.

3-D 2-Panel Flower Oil Painting

The flowers look like that they are popping out of the canvas. This technique of painting gives a 3-dimensional effect to a flower painting.

Oil Painting: Different Styles, different categories

Our artists are skilled in painting many different styles. The most common styles of oil paintings are

  • Realism
  • Impressionist
  • Abstract


We have a wide range of subject or categories for our oil painting: 

  • People
  • Landscape
  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • Still Life
  • Nature
  • Portrait
  • Religious
  • Feng Shui
  • Pop Art

Look at some of the RECENT oil paintings we have SOLD

Take a look at some of the paintings that we have sold recently. These are paintings that customers have chosen from our catalogue. 

Custom oil painting of woman with horse

Here’s how you can order an oil painting from us.

Steps to take if you already have an image or photo that you would like to convert to a painting.

Step 1: Decide if you want to customize any part of the photo and note that down.

Step 2: Send an email to enquiry@artisseum.com with the image and let us know the following:

a. Size of painting

b. Any customization needed

c. Your contact details (name, phone number, email and address)

Step 3. Our art consultant will get in touch with you and follow up with a quotation.

Step 4: Pay the deposit (non-refundable)

Step 5: Our artist will commence work. We will keep you updated on the progress. We will send you a photo of the final painting.

Step 6: Let us know if you need any changes. If no changes are required, let us know and pay the balance 50% and we will ship the painting to you.


But what if you have no idea what kind of paintings you like or what paintings are suitable?

Step 1: Browse through our catalogue to see if there is any painting that you like. Send us an email or completed the form here.

If you cannot find anything you like, send us an enquiry or complete the order enquiry form so that our art consultant can help you.


Fill up the form below to send us an enquiry or get more information on the oil paintings that you would like to buy.


Alternatively, you can send us an email at enquiry@artisseum.com with your questions and our art consultant will get back to you.

  • Max. file size: 512 MB.
  • Size of painting, With or Without Frame OR Any customization required, etc)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

5 Frequently asked questions about buying an oil painting from us.

1. How do I place an order for an oil painting?

Step 1: Choose a painting from our catalogue that you wish to buy or send us a photo of the painting that you like to enquiry@artisseum.com together with your contact information (name, address, email and sms number). If there is any customization needed such as colour scheme or background, let us know too.

Step 2. Our art consultant will call you to answer any of the questions you may have and to confirm the details. We will follow up with a quotation within 3 days after the call.

Step 3. Pay a deposit (50%) and our artist will commence on the painting.

Step 4. Receive updates from us and a photo of the completed oil painting when the artist has completed the painting.

Step 5. If you are satisfied with the final painting, let us know and pay the balance. If you have ordered the painting with a frame, we will send the final painting for framing. We will then send the painting to you.

2. How long does it take for the painting to be completed and delivered to me?

The turnaround time to complete an oil painting and have it delivered to you depends on a few factors, like size of the painting, type of customization, number of modifications needed, style of painting, the type of frame and the destination to send the painting. Our artists can typically complete an oil painting in 10-14 days. So when you order a custom oil painting or custom portrait painting, do take note of the time needed to discus the details and the modifications required.

3. I am from UK. Do you ship your oil paintings to UK?

Yes. We take orders for our oil paintings both online and offline. We have worldwide customers who bought oil paintings from us including countries like UK, USA and Australia. You can order your oil painting online using our enquiry form or send us an email at enquiry@artisseum.com


4. Do you provide the frame for the oil painting?

We do provide framing services for or oil paintings. You can choose from a variety of framing options for your oil painting from gallery-wrapped canvas to simple elegant frame to premium frame. Just indicate your preference for the frame when you place an order. For international orders, please take note that the shippig cost for oil paintings with frames are higher than the shipping cost of an oil painting without frame. 

5. What are the available payment options when I buy an oil painting from Artissuem?

For international orders or online orders, we accept payment by PayPal. For orders from Singapore, we accept bank transfer or COD terms. 

Take note that you do not need to pay in full upon order. You just need to pay a 50% (non-refundable) deposit for our artists to cmmence painting.

You can refer to our FAQ page if you have more questions or you can send an email to us at enquiry@artisseum.com. Our art consultation will be happy to provide the answers to your questions.


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