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Children Portrait Oil Painting 

Many parents are commissioing children portait in oil painting.

Children are cute and likeable, and they grow up fast. Hence one of the best ways for a family to preserve their memory of their children at a young age is by hiring the services of a reputed art gallery for painting children’s portraits in oil.

Do you get the feeling that your children are growing up fast everytime you looked at your children’s baby photos?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can hang an oil painting of their cute moments on your wall?

Imagine how much it would brighten up your day just looking at them growing up ?

Wouldn’t that be the greatest way to start the day?

How would you like to be able to convert one of your favourite children photos into a beautiful oil painting and hang it on the wall of your favourite spot in the house?


Why a Children Portait Oil Painting beats a photograph hands down.

Babies are extremely cute and as the children grow older their facial features and smile often change.

Most families like to preserve memories of the children when they are small, so that they can share them with others like their relatives and friends.

The family would also like to show the children how they looked when they were younger, after they grow up.

Photographs are a convenient and quick capture of recording the appearance of a child at different stages of his life.

Yet, there are many reasons why it is better to hire the services of an art gallery like Artisseum which offers a painting service to produce a high quality portrait painting of the child.


Impressionist oil painting of children

While it is easy to take a photo of a child using a smart phone or camera, it may not be easy to ensure that the child is posing properly. This is a major problem for smaller children especially children who are less than five years old.

Though these children are extremely cute in their appearance, they are also very naughty. They do not obey others, will often look away when they are being photographed.

In other cases, the child may be yawning.

Hence it is very difficult to get a good photograph of the young child, which captures the features of the baby or young child.

Convert your favourite children photo into an oil painting

On the other hand, the painter has more control over the painting he is generating.

He can use one or more photos provided by the parents of the child. A video of the child may also be provided.

Alternately you can send us a few photographs of your child, so that our artist can have a look at your child from various angles. This will help our artist to create a realistic portrait which highlights the appearance and features of the child.


Want some customization for your children portrait oil painting?

Some parents would like their child to be painted in a particular pose. Others want their child dressed in a specific costume in the painting.

No problem! Let us know your preference, and our artists can help you with that!

Since the artist is manually painting the portrait, he can customize it based on your requirements.

Enjoy greater flexibility with an oil painting compared to a photo

Though photos are used extensively to capture the appearance of a child, not everyone photographs well.

There are some children (and adults) who look far better in real life compared to their photos.

This is because photos do not capture the spirit of the person who is photographed since they are generated using machines.

On the other hand, the artist has greater flexibility in painting the child. Hence he can produce a more realistic image of the children.

In addition to the facial features, the image will capture the personality of the child, the liveliness.

Portrait Oil Paintings are the perfect gift to give your children

In addition to preserving the memory of a child at a young age, the portrait can be used as a personalized gift for many occasions.

For example the parents can gift the portrait to their children when they grow up, or to their grandchildren or spouse.

Commission a Personalized Children Portrait Oil Painting Today!

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