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Custom Oil Painting on Canvas – A Personalized Oil Painting for your home

Custom Oil Painting On Canvas - Reproduction from Photo

If you have love a particular photo but want some customization, then this is for you!

Custom Oil Paintings on Canvas

Want a personalized oil painting to grace the walls of your newy renovated home at very affordable prices?

The Budding Art Connoisseur’s Guide to Custom Oil Paintings

Like all other forms of artwork, oil paintings have been around for as long as painting has. However, there has been more uncertainty and confusion about the properties, and uses of oil paintings, especially among neophyte art lovers or shoppers.


In this article, we’d like you to understand, as well as compare, the many tried and tested formulas to oil paintings, although we don’t intend this piece to be an exhaustive examination of all the technical details. Here’s the budding art connoisseur’s guide to evaluating custom oil paintings on canvas.


What is Custom Oil Painting On Canvas All About?


For starters, what exactly is a custom oil painting, and how is it unique, or different from a normal painting from a photo? Well, all art experts agree, the main difference lies in the word “custom”.

A regular photo to painting is basically taking any photograph and painting an exact replica of it.

The only difference is that the former is a photo while the latter is a painting. Got it? A custom oil painting or custom painting is one that utilizes some elements from a photo, or photos, and adding extra elements to create a painting.

Custom Wedding portrait oil painting

What Are The Examples of Custom Oil Paintings?


Let’s take note of one simple example – let’s say you’d like to have a portrait oil painting done for your living or dining room.

However, you don’t have such a picture of you and your partner on the beach. Thus, the artist paints the two of you standing on the beach with the sun, sand and surf behind you.


Custom oil painting of a night scene at the beach – with different background colors

Custom Self-Portrait Oil Painting

 Another example would be a simple self-portrait, like the perfect picture of yourself. The only problem is that in this photo, your hair doesn’t look quite right, and your clothes look a bit unkempt too. the studio or artist doing the oil painting project can create a self-portrait of you, with you wearing something more stylish or appropriate, and giving you the perfect hairstyle.


Custom Abstract Oil Painting from Photos 

If you are feeling adventours, you can request for an abstract painting using a photo as a starting point.

Abstract paintings are unique and reflect the styles and personality of the artist and the owner of the painting himself.

A custom abstract painting is a way of using art for self-expression and you will be surprised to see how a custom abstract oil painting can tranform your home.

What can you do with a custom oil painting?

Now, how can anyone make good use of a personalized oil painting?  Well, solo or family oil portraits are perfect for placement in living rooms, dining rooms and even office conference rooms, due to their archival properties. And best of all, oil portraits evoke the best of landscape or scenery painting, due to its lively and classic texture, which can go perfectly with any room.

Personalized oil paintings also make wonderful and unique gifts to present on very special occasions like weddings and birthdays. They can even be given for corporate events or occasions, especially when introducing or celebrating partnerships, and for celebrating other company milestones.



How to order a personalized custom oil painting?

Simply fill up the form below and a staff from Artisseum will contact you.


Alternatively, you can send a photo or image that you want to convert to an oil painting to enquiry@artisseum.com.

Step 1: Send us a photo that you would like to turn into a painting

Step 2: State the size and dimension of the painting

Step 3: Let us know if you need any modifications to the original image

Step 4: Our staff will contact you either by SMS or phone call to discuss the details

Step 5: Receive quotation

Step 6: Pay a deposit and we will commence work

Step 7: Receive painting

Custom Oil Painting Enquiry Form 1

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  • Size of painting, With or Without Frame OR Any customization required, etc)
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Let’s take a look at some sample custom oil paintings.

Change a photo into abstract oil painting

   Custom portrait oil painting   Abstract face portrait from photo

Custom wedding portrait oil painting from photo



Abstract art oil painting

Abstract Oil painting of eagle  custom abstract oil portrait painting of woman


Custom Seascape Oil Painting

Custom Cityscape Oil Painting

Abstract Oil Painting of Paris Eiffel Tower

Custom oil painting of forest

Original background colour of painting is green

Background changed to purple

Custom family portrait oil painting from photo

Family portrait oil painting

More examples of custom oil painting

Custom oil painting of river from photo 

More examples of custom oil painting

Oil painting of ship

Yellow textured abstract oil painting


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