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Modern Family Portrait Oil Painting 

A family portrait oil painting is a good remembrance to have for you and your family. It gives you something valuable that you can keep for a long time.

Does looking at your family photos bring joy and make you smile?

When was the last time you took out your family photo to  relive those wonderful memories again?

Imagine how wonderful it would be if you see your favourite family portrait hanging on your wall everyday?

Wouldn’t that be the greatest way to start the day?

How would you like to be able to convert one of your favourite family photos into a beautiful large family portrait oil painting and hang it on the wall of your favourite spot in the house?


But why Oil Painting?

There are many reasons why we prefer oil paintings to photographs, but the most important reason is a photo tends to fade over time, but an oil painting can last forever.

And you can do many wonderful things using an oil painting that cannot be done with a photo.

Convert your favourite family photo into an oil painting

There is no need to gather everybody at a studio to get your family portrait painting done. All we need is a photograph. If you do not have all the family members in one photo, you can send us a few different photos. Our artists can help you put everybody into one painting. You an even include your pet dog!


Want some customization for your family portrait oil painting?

What if  you didn’t like the background in the photo or want a change of clothings? Fret not! Let us know your preference, and our artists can help you with that!

Turn family photo into oil painting

To commission a family portrait oil painting, fill up the form below or send us an enquiry at enquiry@artisseum.com and our art consultant will contact you.


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Custom oil painting of family

Why Get a Family Portrait Painted

Nowadays, most people would use a camera to take a family portrait instead of hiring someone to paint it for them. While it can be considered a practical choice, it is hard to ignore the benefits one can get from a modern family portrait painting.

Turn Family Photo Into Portrait Painting

You don’t see people standing still for hours just to have a portrait of them painted these days. This can also be impossible for people with busy schedules. If you want to have your family portrait painting, then a good way to do this is to have a photograph taken and hire an artist to turn that photograph into an oil painting.


All Family Members in One Photo

Everyone is always busy nowadays. It can be a challenge to call all members of the family just to get a family photo portrait taken especially. With a modern family portrait painting, you can have all your family members in one portrait. This can be done by taking subjects from different photos and then putting them all in one canvas.


Be Proud Of Your Family Portrait

Photo portraits are quite common nowadays. You can even take one right now by using your phone. Have a modern family portrait oil painting so you can have something that’s more than ordinary. Be proud of your portrait and tell everyone about it.


Timeless Family Portrait Oil Painting

Photos, especially the old ones, tend to fade over time. You can get around that with a modern family portrait oil painting. Portrait paintings are made of sturdy materials so that they can last for several years. It is common to see colors of photos fade, which can be a problem if you’re planning to keep a photo portrait for a long time. The colors of family portrait oil paintings, on the other hand, don’t fade. Hence, they can still look good even if you hang them for a long time.


Unique and Meaningful Gift on Anniversary

If you are having a hard time finding the right gift for your anniversary then you should consider giving a family portrait oil painting. It has a value that appreciates over time and has the durability to withstand common wear and tear damages. On top of that, you also have a portrait that can remind your loved ones of the good times you had with each other.


Our Custom Oil Painting Services

If you want to have a high-quality portrait painting that not only captures attention but also emotions, then your best option is to hire us. Our competent artists can make paintings that meet your wants and needs. We can provide artworks that make a strong impact.


A Hand Painted Family Portrait That Inspires

Do you want to have a family portrait painting that gives you the inspiration you need to go through life? We can make it possible through our custom painting. We can make hand-painted family portraits that have strong human elements that motivate you to make things happen.

Commission a family portrait oil painting

A family portrait oil painting is great to hang on the wall of your home. It is also a perfect gift for Christmas for your parents or for your family members.

All you need is to send us a photograph of your family and we will help you create the perfect family portrait painting. You can find out more about our custom family portrait oil painting services here.


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