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Famous Paintings on Jesus Christ on A Cross

Whether you are in UK, USA , Australia or Singapore, if you are looking for famous paintings of Jesus, you have come to the right place. Our collections of famous Christian paintings reproductions include paintings like famous paintings of Jesus Christ on a Cross. We also have modern and abstract portrait paintings of Jesus Christ, famous paintings of Jesus teaching, paintings depicting some of the Parables of Bible, famous paintings of Jesus walking on water and many more.

Ever since the dawn of Christianity, followers of Christ have used imagery of Jesus and other Christian themes in art. Historically, art featuring Christ or overtly Christian themes have served several purposes and fulfilled many needs. These purposes and needs are still being fulfilled today through religious-based art.


Christian Paintings of Historical Biblical Events

One important purpose of Christian themed art is to illustrate historical Biblical events. The oldest known Christian themed art dates back to about two-hundred years after the birth of Christ. Much of the first Christian imagery was painted on the walls of catacombs near ancient Rome and other important cities of the day. Many of these painting illustrated Biblical stories such as the miracles of Jesus and other biblical and historical events. Today, we can use cameras to record events as they unfold, but in biblical days, people relied on art and storytelling to record events, to communicate important and significant information.

Famous Blibical Paintings during the Renaissance period 

Art with a Christian theme has also served as a point of inspiration for generations.


Consider the beloved paintings on the ceiling and walls of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. These iconic pieces were painstakingly created in detail by the master, Michelangelo, These impressive pieces are not only a historical record of important Biblical events, but also serves as inspiration for the viewer.


The Biblical themes in these Renaissance period frescoes include many Old Testament stories such as creation, the fall of Adam and Eve, David and Goliath and Noah and his famous Ark. New Testament stories are also present such as the depiction of the parables of Christ are also present on the chapel walls, though not painted by Michelangelo.


These large scale illustrations of stories from the Bible help remind the viewer of God’s power, love and provision throughout history. It reminds them that this powerful God is still accessible to them today and may inspire them to seek to learn more about Him.

Today, Christian themed art is still inspiring believers. Christ-centered or biblical themed art shouldn’t be confined to large Byzantine cathedrals or wayside chapels. Christian themed art can be incorporated into homes, businesses and other gathering spaces.


These pieces can serve as a reminder of Biblical stories or a symbol of hope for those who need encouragement, just as historical art pieces have been doing for centuries.

Biblical themed art can also serve as a reminder that the God of the Bible is the same today as he was then. It can remind the viewer that God wishes to have a personal relationship with mankind and has made himself accessible to us who believe.

Modern Christian paintings help to bring the stories of the Bible to life whether it is through an ultra-realistic style art or something more abstract. This type of art can convey Biblical themed messages through symbolism, typography and a variety of other styles.

Not all Christian art pieces are overt illustrations of Biblical stories or portraits of Christ. Some Christian art, particularly modern pieces, use symbolism, abstract ideas and even direct passages of scripture to convey Bible-based teachings through visual arts.

Even though the God of the Bible has not changed, our world has changed. It is equally important for modern artists to address social issues from a biblical perspective as it was for ancient masters to address their eras’ social and political issues. While beautiful to view, classical Christian art doesn’t always address the social issues we face today in our modern world. That is why it is important to support modern Bible-believing artists as they continue the tradition of using visual art to convey messages and evoke feelings.

Famous painting on Parable of the Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt

Famous painting reproduction of the parable of The Sower by Vincent van Gogh

Famous paintings reproduction of the parable of The Good Samaritan by Jacob Jordeans

We are happy to present our collection of expertly curated Christian oil paintings for sale. Our collection encompasses the best in modern and classical style pieces that will help to inspire, remind and encourage believers to seek God and to trust Him for their needs.


We are delighted to be a small part of your spiritual journey as you choose to hang these beautiful visual reminders of Christ and His love for you in your homes, office spaces, churches and commercial buildings.


We hope that our beautiful modern depictions of Christ and the Bible will help to draw you closer to Him and will inspire you to focus your time and attention to the author and finisher of your faith.