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Hand-Painted Portraits from Photos 

Commissioning a hand-painted family portrait oil painting from your favourite family photo is an easy way to get your family painting done. Gone are the days whereby you need to gather all your family members together in a studio just to get your family portrait painting.

There are many advantages to use a photo to paint your family portrait.

  1. Family portrait painting cost becomes more affordable as compared to the traditional way. This is because you can save a lot of time.
  2. You can get many different family painting ideas by combining different photos with different poses and angles. A good artist will be able to extract many ideas just by looking at the different photos that you submit.
  3. You can order your family portrait painting online instead of having to drive to the art studio yourself. If you are a busy person, I’m sure you will appreciate the convenience offered by being able to order a professionally done family portrait with the click of a mouse.
  4. You can have different styles of portrait painting. You are not restricted to only having a realistic family portrait painting. You can even request for the artist to make a family painting in abstract style.
  5. You are not restricted to choosing a studio in your hometown only. Geographical location doesn’t matter if you can submit your photo online to be converted to an oil painting. If you are staying in London and you happened to like the works of an art studio in Singapore (like Artisseum), you can upload the photo on our website and our artists will still be able to paint your family portrait oil painting for you!



Turn your favourite family photo into an oil painting

To commission a family portrait oil painting at Artisseum, all you need to do is to send us your favourite family photo and tell us your preferences. Just follow these 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Find your favourite family photo or photos.

The amazing thing about using a photograph to create the family painting is that you do not even need to have all family members in one photo. You can send us a few different photos along with some simple instructions on how you would like the painting to be done. Our artist can help you put everyone into one painting. And if you like to include your pet dog, you can let us know too!

Step 2: Fill up the form below and upload the photo (or photos)

You will be guided on what we need if you use the form below to place your order. Let us know if you need any customization (like change of clothing or background, etc). Once we receive the form, our art consultant will contact you to find out more about your requirements. This is the best time to get your questions answered. Do tap on the experience and expertise of our art consultant as they can help give you ideas how to make your family portrait even better than the photograph.

Step 3: Receive a quotation

After we have agreed with the details on the painting, our art consultant will send you a quotation. Don’t worry. Our prices are very affordable compared to what other art galleries are charging.

All you need to do is to pay a 50% deposit and our artist will commence work on your painting. Do expect to hear from us frequently whilst the artist is working on your painting. We will update you with the progress of the painting.

Step 4: Approve the finished painting

When the painting is completed, we will send you a photo of the completed painting. At this stage, you can still request for some simple modifications to the painting. We will not ship the painting until you are happy with the final painting.

Step 5: Receive the painting

 After you have accepted the completed painting, make the payment for the balance 50%. We will then send the painting to you.



Family portrait oil painting

To commission a family portrait oil painting, fill up the form below or send us an enquiry at enquiry@artisseum.com and our art consultant will contact you.


Portrait Oil Painting Enquiry Form 1

  • Max. file size: 512 MB.
  • Size of painting, With or Without Frame OR Any customization required, etc)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Ideas for Family Portrait Painting

At Artisseum, our artists are always ready to give you creative ideas on how you can get a personalized family portrait painting that is truly unique to you. 

Here are some ideas that you can consider for your family portrait painting:


Turn family photo into oil painting

Idea 1: Turn A Studio Family Photo Into Portrait Painting

At some point in our life, we are bound to go to a photo studio to take a family photo. But the unfortunate thing about a photograph is that it is usually kept in a photo album and then forgotten.

A portrait painting is different. Everyday, you see your family painting on the wall, it will remind you how blessed you are.

So one family painting idea is to take out one of your favourite studio photographs and turn that into a portrait painting.



Idea 2: Use a photo of family outing to create a family portrait painting

We always have fond memories of family outings. A family picnic, a day at the zoo or even a day at the beach. These are events that we will always remember. Family outings present good opportunities for us to take family photos together. Rather than hiding these happy moments away in your mobile phone, why not use a photo from a family outing and convert it into a family painting, hand-painted by our professional artist?


Idea 3: Use a few photos to create a custom family portrait painting with a particular theme

One of our clients have always loved the Victoria style family portrait.  However, they do not have a family photo with all family members together as her husband was stationed abroad.

So one idea for her family portrait painting that we put up to her was to combine 2 photos into one. Not only that, we changed the clothes to make to match the theme that she liked.


Idea 4: Paint a family photo using famous paintings

This idea for family painting may seem strange but it can actually make your family portrait painting truly unique.

Take a look at the paintings below. One of our clients liked the painting of Mona Lisa so much, that she asked our artist to paint her portrait painting in the syle of Mona Lisa.

Custom oil painting of woman with horse

We have suggested four ideas on how you can get unique hand-painted portraits from photos. If you need more family paintings ideas, you are welcome to talk to our art consultant. Our art consultant will be able to suggest ideas to help you choose on the best approach for your family paintings.

Click here if you would like to see more samples of our portrait oil paintings.

Family portrait painting cost

This question has been asked over and over again both online and offline by a lot of customers, because it’s an important one, and it’s “how much does a custom family portrait oil painting cost?”

Well, most folks today, regardless of whether they’ve got a solid art background or not, recognize the significance of a completely custom painting and portrait. It’s because people understand how lovely, and priceless, it is to give someone else, or even yourself, something that could last a lifetime. But, whatever your reason for thinking about commissioning custom portraits, you will likely consider how much it will cost your pocket.


How Other Galleries charge you for commissioning a family portrait painting


For starters, perhaps the most affordable custom portrait paintings range from $450 to $750.  In this price range, the paintings are created in a realistic style and will look nearly identical to the photo. The art could be done digitally or by hand.


Next, some custom portraits range from $750 to $900, and are often offered by artists who are in the beginning of their career. Most of the custom portrait paintings in this price range are smaller in size, include one to two subjects, and are typically created with charcoal, pencils or pastels.


For custom portrait paintings in the $1,500-$5,000 range, the customer will most likely be working one on one with an artist who is a bit more experienced, and at this price point, clients should expect to be able to speak directly with the artist who will be creating their work.  And, the custom paintings at this price range would most likely be done in acrylic or oil paint.


Some artists would also charge from $5,000 to $20,000 for custom portrait paintings. At this range, the artist will come out and take their customer’s photos, while others will ask for them to sit for live portrait sessions. In this range, however, customers should be able to commission very large portraits, as well as portraits of multiple people or subjects at a time.  The clients should also expect to pay a portion for the price upfront, and the rest will be paid upon completion.


For custom portrait paintings that range from $2,000 above, customers should expect to work with extremely established artists with decades of experience. Well, this price point is generally reserved for artists who work with corporate clients, or even with politicians or celebrities!

What are the factors that determine the cost of a family portrait oil painting?

The cost of a portrait oi painting depends on a few factors:

  • Number of subjects – prices increase as the number of subjects increase
  • Style of painting – in general a realistic portrait painting costs less than an a portrait painting in other styles such as abstract, pop-art or impressionistic
  • Size of painting – a bigger oil painting would cost more
  • Experience of artist
  • Framed or unframed 
  • Type of customization required

Comparison of Artiseum prices verus other art galleries

To give you an idea on the cost of a family portrait oil painting, let’s take a look at the typical cost to commission a realistic family portrait oil painting with 4 people and a dimension of 90 x 60 cm with gallery-wrapped frame.

The table below compares the typical prices that you will get from Artisseum as compared to other art galleries.



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