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Landscape Oil Paintings Gallery – Buy Online at Affordable Prices

Why many of our clients prefer to buy paintings from an online landscape oil paintings gallery like Artisseum?

What sets Artisseum apart from other online art galleries?

Take a look at some samples of our paintings below and you will know why.

Have you ever been walking down the hallway to the toilets in a nice restaurant and found yourself drawn into the art on the walls for way longer than you realized, and found that nobody at the table believes that’s why you took so long when you came back? Or worse yet, have you been in the lobby of a business before a job interview and completely lost yourself in the art they have on display?

Perhaps you are fortunate enough to already have a piece which seems to have these effects on people and you’re looking for another one. In any of these cases the art that grabbed and kept your attention almost certainly was not a cheap, generic printout. Art is about feeling, it’s about emotion, the artist taking you to where they were when they made the art.

But where do these wonderful works come from? Surely that Girl with a Pearl Earring in the hotel bar you were in recently wasn’t a real Vermeer. And your friend’s Van Gogh Self Portrait seems to have shaved his beard. Of course these paintings are not available for anyone to buy. They are priceless treasures which often by national laws must be kept in museums and art galleries. So these wonderful works of art you see sometimes are from people like us, a landscape oil paintings gallery. And in our case, an online landscape oil paintings gallery.

All of our oil paintings are hand painted by extremely talented artists with very high quality paints and canvases. Our artists have a wide range of skills and we can offer realistic landscape oil paintings and abstract oil paintings. We can offer direct replicas of your painting of choice, a completely new oil painting of any scene you send us a photo of, or anywhere in between.

If there’s an oil painting you just love but the colors are not quite a match to your walls and interior design, we can make sure you get the perfect art for the space you want it in. We also offer our art to you in the size of your choice to ensure it has the right proportions for the space it will be going in.

But why would you want an oil painting in your home of business? Well first thing’s first, you may simply love the painting and want one to be able to look at throughout your day. Perhaps a particular painting reminds you of something, or someone, and you want to see more of it. Or maybe there is a beautiful field, river, sunset, or cityscape that you would love to see on a medium larger than your phone or computer screen. Maybe for years you have thought, no known, that the artist got it slightly wrong and your creativity would have worked wonders on their painting, but you haven’t had the time or skills to be able to do it yourself. Or maybe it’s simpler than all that, and the dull white wall behind your couch is just driving you mad.

Oil paintings show expression, the artists and yours, by virtue of you hanging it up. They can lift a room, set an ambience, add a touch of sophistication. They can be the finishing touch to a room that just isn’t quite there yet. And there’s a reason you see oil paintings in places that aren’t just galleries and museums. You see them in offices, you see them in restaurants and bars, you see them in hospitals, in movies, in shops. And the reason for this is that they give people comfort, something to focus on, something to think about. They express emotion and allow people to feel what the artist was trying to say without any words needing to have been spoken.

If you want to save yourself tens of millions of dollars, a whole lot of hassle and quite possibly (probably) disappointment then let us help you get the perfect oil painting for you. Give it your own personal creative streak if you want, or have it true to the original. It probably will not sell for millions of dollars but it will be priceless in it’s own right since you were involved in the creative process!

Reasons to Buy Landscape Oil Paintings

A landscape oil painting is more than just a decoration at home and office. It can provide benefits that you will treasure over time. Here are some reasons to get an oil paint landscape artwork:

A Landscape Oil Painting is a Long-lasting Beauty

Oil paint landscape art can still look good even after several years. These pieces of art are made with long-lasting paint and durable materials to withstand common wear and tear damages. You can expect a landscape oil painting to still look good after 50 years or more.

Trend Popularity of Landscape Oil Painting

Landscape oil paint art will never go obsolete. They have survived thousands of years and people still want them. If you want to stay in the house design trend, then having a landscape oil painting can help you.

Landscape Oil Paintings are Tools For Relaxation

It is common for people to listen to music whenever they are experiencing stress. Music has been known to have a relaxing effect. The same thing can be said for landscape art.

Looking at this type of art can help you manage your stress levels and feel good about yourself. It is not surprising for people who have healthy well-being to have landscape oil paintings in their houses and offices.

Lamdscape Oil Paintings are Emotion Anchors

A landscape oil painting can help you get in touch with positive emotions deep inside you. These paintings work by reminding you of places you have been to and the good experiences with it. It’s like having a quick trip down the memory lane.

Landscape Oil Paintings are a Representation of Nature

Everyone needs to spend time with nature. This can be a challenge if you live in the city. If you can spend a few minutes looking at a landscape painting, then you can experience being with nature. With a bit of imagination, you can feel the warmth of the sun, and smell clean air inside your house.

Landscape Oil Paintings as Investments

Some people buy oil paint landscape art as an investment. Landscape oil paintings can appreciate even if you just leave them hanging on your wall.

Things To Keep in Mind When Buying Landscape Oil Painting

If you want to make sure you get more than your money’s worth when buying art, here are things you should keep in mind:

The Landscape Oil Paint Art Style You Want

Landscape oil paintings come in different styles. We offer the following styles of landscape art:


  • Impressionistic
  • Abstract
  • Realistic
  • Custom oil painting from photos
  • City scene
  • Mountains
  • Nature

Size of a Landscape Oil Painting Does Not Matter

Most people think that artworks that come in large sizes have higher returns on investment compared to their small counterparts. Small-sized paintings that we offer can have the same value as their large counterparts.

  • Your Budget

Buying art that doesn’t fit your budget is impractical. We can provide high-quality and affordable landscape oil painting so you won’t have to make unfavorable adjustments in your budget.


  • Hidden Costs

There are painting stores that charge for expenses you know nothing about. You won’t have to worry about that when buying landscape art from us. We make sure our customers know about everything they are paying for before proceeding with the transaction.


  • Take Your Time

You would want to make sure that you pick a piece that suits your taste. Because of this, you have to take all the time that you need in choosing the right artwork. We can give you all the time you need and won’t pressure you into buying from us right away.

Our company is dedicated to providing high-quality landscape oil painting and great customer experience. Feel free to contact us.

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