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Realistic Portrait Oil Painting Singapore

Many of our customers in Singapore like our oil paintings because they are realistic and prices are very affordable. If you are thinking of getting a self-portrait oil painting done, the first consideration should be a realistic portrait oil painting.

A case study of a realistic portrait oil painting

Thinking of getting your spouse a unique birthday present? Show your love with a realistic portrait oil painting.

Customer E came to us with a special request.

She wanted to present her husband with a unique birthday present, which was about 2 weeks later. She showed us a few family photos and told us that it was her husband’s dream to stay on a farm and she would like to have a custom portrait oil painting of her husband on a farm.

Our art consultant sprung into action and showed her some pictures of man in a farm. We also went through some of the photos that she showed us. In the end, we decided that a photo of her husband holding a baby crocodile would be the best choice to start off the portrait oil painting.


The lighting on the face was beautiful and a dark background would dramatically highlight the features of the subject.

The challenge was the time frame to complete the painting, get it framed and have it delivered to her within 14 days. 

Knowing how much this painting would mean to her, our artist started work almost immediately. Because he is very experienced in painting portraits, the job was completed in about 10 days and E was very happy with the completed work.



Imagine having your favourite wedding photos transformed into a beautiful realistic large portrait oil painting  by our professional artist and hanging it on the wall of your living?

Now you can relive that moment every time you look at the painting!


Custom Wedding portrait oil painting

But why choose Portrait Oil Painting over photo?

Durability – Oil painting lasts “forever”

Oil painting portraits have better durability compared to their modern counterparts. Unlike photo portraits, their colors don’t easily fade. You can expect them to still look good even after several years.

Detailed portrait – Oil painting can capture certain details that a camera cannot

Believe it or not, even photos cannot capture everything. Portrait oil painting can get around this. As an oil painting artist looks at the subject he is drawing, he will eventually see details that make up the subject and include it in the portrait.

Soul of a Portrait – Oil Painting adds a human touch

One of the advantages you can get from photos is that you can take them anywhere, easily edit them and even upload them to your favorite social media sites.

This is probably the reason why photo portraits don’t have a soul.

Since oil paint portraits are made by hand, it is impossible for them to not have a human element. This human element makes every portrait oil painting works out there unique.

Personality and Backstory – Oil Paintings are personalized

Portrait oil painting usually involves the artist hearing about the story and personality behind the subject.

The artist will then create an interpretation of the information he was given. The result is a portrait that visually conveys the backstory of the subject.

Additional Subjects – Oil Paintings are personalized

It is common for painting clients to ask the oil painting artist to include a subject, which can be a family member or a pet from a different photo and location.

Unlike photo editing, adding subjects in an oil paint portrait doesn’t have limits.

A legacy you can pass on – Oil Paintings are more valuable than photo

Hand-made oil paint portraits are priceless pieces of art. They have captured family members, loved ones and even pets at a valuable moment.

It is the reason why paintings are usually passed on to family members.

A legacy you can pass on – Oil Paintings are more valuable than photo

Hand-made oil paint portraits are priceless pieces of art. They have captured family members, loved ones and even pets at a valuable moment.

It is the reason why paintings are usually passed on to family members.

Photos may be a convenient way to capture the moment but you’ll get the most value from oil paint portraits.

They are worth your time and investment.


Our Portrait Oil Painting Services

At Artissem, we have talented artists that can create oil paint portraits that meet your needs. We are dedicated to creating artworks that not only capture moments but also tell stories that can change lives.

Portrait painting of wife

Realistic Portrait Oil Painting

We can create life-like oil paintings that not only gives an appealing visual presentation but also express emotions. You won’t have to settle for the same old portraits that don’t have an edge.

Custom oil painting of woman with horse

Turn Photo into Painting

Photos are good but you can give it more life by turning them into painting. We enhance elements in the photo that need more emphasis.

Custom Portrait oil painting

Custom Portrait Oil Painting

With our custom portrait oil painting services, you can combine and modify subjects in the portrait. If you want to go for something abstract or an impressionist portrait, we can give it to you.

We can not only provide you with portraits that look good but also give you pieces of art that people will remember for a long time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

To commission a portrait oil painting, fill up the form below or send us an enquiry at enquiry@artisseum.com and our art consultant will contact you.


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Family portrait oil painting


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